Hi, my name is Bart. I open the spark plug to
collaboration & innovation using video.

Please enjoy this portfolio collection. Scroll to learn more.

  • Hi, my name is Bart // 2019

    This compilation video can help you understand better who I am and what I can bring to the table.

  • My Dream House visualization // 2019

    I used Twinmotion to pull models from Sketchfab for texturing this enviroment. Sunset at bay.

  • ARspaces presentation // 2019

    Proof of concept for app that uses AR to visualize a historic building. Using photogrammetry environment from Google Earth to place 3D object.

  • Magna Timelapse // 2018

    I was responsible to manage and produce over 12 months of photos that capture how a production line moves from Germany to Poland. This international Canadian company makes car seats. Project used 4 hacked Go …

  • VR space sheet game // 2018

    Created this during a 24 hour game jam. This proof of concept VR game prototype got a unique trailer. Created using Unreal Engine 4.

  • Mixed Reality Video // 2018

    Producing high quality real time MR is really easy now. This experimental video is one of many I shot to test out how this process works. I used the following software: Stream VR, Livr VR, …

  • 3D scan objects using smartphone // 2017

    Exploring free and paid tool 3D scanning models from the real world. iPhone 3d scanning Qlone, Trnio, RealityCapture, ColMAP, Meshlab, Agisoft Photoscan/Metashape

  • 360 Stereo Animation // 2018

    Enjoy this experiment rendered entirely in Tvori a full blown VR animation software. Scene and charactes were made in VR. Keyframe animation done in real time also in VR.

  • Product: Cat wheel puzzle // 2015

    Designed a modular cat wheel to learn CNC cutting & G-Code generation. It is made from plywood.The design is based on the puzzle joint that assembles into a complete wheel. Each part is CNC milled …

  • Real World Third Person Perspective // 2014

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could see the real world in this same third person perspective (TPP) that these video games provide? This wearable can enhance human visual performance for …

  • AirEnergy3D open-source 3D Printed Wind Turbine // 2016

    Have you ever wanted to become a self-sufficient hermit, living off the grid and generating all your own energy? The idea is to print something that can deliver more value than the printer itself. The project …

  • 3D printers don’t get bored // 2014

    Alan Watts in 1969 was commissioned by IBM to talk about how technology is re-wiring our brains. Footage was shot during a two year life span starting in a garage and evolving into a full …

  • Rapcraft 3D Printer Trailer / 2012

    Rapcraft prototype #1 was assembled based on a RepRap Prusa.

  • 3D printing workshops / 2013

    Promotional video for a company specializing in making 3D printer workshops.

  • 3D printer Girlssembly / 2014

    This timelapse video tells a story  about a small opensource 3D printer.

  • Jarek Smietana Manic Depression // 2011

    Concert live shoot. Respected jazz musician concert in one of his last big concerts tribute to Jimi Hendrix. 5 camera shoot with editing and post production.

  • Rapcraft Key World // 2013

    Need to copy a key? The lock has a non-standard key. Some time with a calipers, Inventor software and a little determination it just clicks open. 3D print a Rapcraft key.

  • 02: Minute Japan // 2008

    This is a short film I created while I was in Japan. I was inspired by the Japanese way of living and tried to capture it on tape. The footage was shot mostly in Tokyo …

  • Dreams // 2007

    Dreams are the illustrations of the book your soul is writing about you. Film School Project.

  • I appeared on euronews // 2012

    Back in 2012 co-created a early kickstarter 3D printer prototype called Rapcraft. 3D printing was overhyped and funding was unsuccessful but experience leaded on to create a new company called Omni 3D. This company is …