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I was a TA at Epic World-building fellowship!

I document my journey as a Teaching Assistant (TA) at the Epic Worldbuilding event. The video is a vlog-style account of my daily experiences and learnings throughout the fellowship.

The video kicks off with me sharing my excitement and slight fatigue on the first day of the event. I talk about balancing my responsibilities as a TA with my personal life, including taking my dog, Alcantara, for a walk. I also give viewers a glimpse of my workspace, which I fondly refer to as my “Unreal Cave,” a nod to the use of Unreal Engine during the fellowship.

Throughout the video, I share snippets of my day, including attending presentations, learning about new features of Unreal Engine, and interacting with other participants. I express my amazement at the depth of knowledge being shared and the quality of the presentations. I also share some advice to my future self and other participants about picking battles when learning Unreal Engine due to its vastness and complexity.

The video also includes snippets of my daily life outside the fellowship, including walks with my dog and lunch breaks. As the video concludes, I express my anticipation for the remaining days of the fellowship and my eagerness to continue learning.

Overall, this video provides a personal and insightful look into my experiences as a TA at the Epic Worldbuilding fellowship, highlighting both the intensive learning process and the balance of personal life

Below you can watch the sizzle reel made by epic games showcasing students work in Unreal Engine 5: