Summer of Unreal: Best Storytelling award

During summer of 2021 Escape Studios together with Epic games organized a global cohort style learning experience. I was part of a team that worked on this small animation. What came out of is this short created in Unreal Engine 5:


Horatiu Roman, Sam Shennan, Christoph Hars, Duncan Decottignies, Bartosz Barlowski, Cyril Chevtchouk, James Taylor, Aleksandar Bundalo, Alexander Trattler, Andrea Iliescu, Dawid Drabik

This short film was made during the Summer of Unreal course, where I, with ~800 others, spent four weeks learning from top pros from the animation and film industry about the latest and greatest in Unreal Engine cinematic production.

Together with the team we learned Unreal 5, how to make shaders, kitbash using photogrammetry assets from Quixel, how to rig characters using Control Rig and animate, all done in-engine with very little need for external tools.

Thanks to the awesome instructors and team for the Summer of Unreal!

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