Product: Cat wheel puzzle // 2015

Designed a modular cat wheel to learn CNC cutting & G-Code generation. It is made from plywood.The design is based on the puzzle joint that assembles into a complete wheel. Each part is CNC milled with precision so it is very easy to assemble it.

I wanted to create something that will be nice to look at aesthetically pleasing you and functional at the same time. The product comes packaged in the small box and within a few minutes your pet will be able to enjoy the wheel.

What are the benefits for the cat?
Your cat will have a place to unleash his energy needs
Health & Fitness
Overall cat satisfaction

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One thought on “Product: Cat wheel puzzle // 2015”

  1. Hello.

    I know this may sound crazy but what if I wanted to hand cut everything. could you provide a cad file or a pdf of the pieces with sizing. By the way, this is amazing! Great job!

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