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Magna Timelapse // 2018

I was responsible to manage and produce over 12 months of photos that capture how a production line moves from Germany to Poland. This international Canadian company makes car seats. Project used 4 hacked Go Pro’s, many hours post production in After Effects CC to process and show this process.


Product: Cat wheel puzzle // 2015

Designed a modular cat wheel to learn CNC cutting & G-Code generation. It is made from plywood.The design is based on the puzzle joint that assembles into a complete wheel. Each part is CNC milled with precision so it is very easy to assemble it.

I wanted to create something that will be nice to look at aesthetically pleasing you and functional at the same time. The product comes packaged in the small box and within a few minutes your pet will be able to enjoy the wheel.

What are the benefits for the cat?
Your cat will have a place to unleash his energy needs
Health & Fitness
Overall cat satisfaction

See more info on on instructables


Real World Third Person Perspective // 2014

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could see the real world in this same third person perspective (TPP) that these video games provide? This wearable can enhance human visual performance for use in real world applications, where extended vision benefits the user.

This device has the ability to bring its users to a whole different level of immersion (in life). This unique field of view for VR is something that distinguishes this concept from others in Virtual Reality development.

The video from the project development was  featured on  Techcrunch, and many more tech websites around the world!

AirEnergy3D open-source 3D Printed Wind Turbine // 2016

Have you ever wanted to become a self-sufficient hermit, living off the grid and generating all your own energy? The idea is to print something that can deliver more value than the printer itself. The project was developed in R&D at Omni3D and the goal was to produce a kickstarter video. I was responsible for developing the concept, story, building the first prototype and shooting all the timelapse footage.

3D printers don’t get bored // 2014

Alan Watts in 1969 was commissioned by IBM to talk about how technology is re-wiring our brains. Footage was shot during a two year life span starting in a garage and evolving into a full blown company in less then a year. Featuring open source hardware projects based on Arduino, RepRap helped kickstart a working business. Mixing this with Watts philosophy can help understand how profoundly this affects company culture making it take on risky and game changing projects that can one day be profitable, but the next day the competition changes the game again.